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Brand Shop

For Manufacture’s

  1. Brand Shop is an exclusive page for a particular brand which would only products from that specific brand.
  2. In brand shop you can find the basic information about a brand, brands promo and the categorized product listing of a particular brand.
  3. Each brand is given their own Universal Resource Locators (URL Eg. for easy access and also link from our home page.
  4. You can even market the brand shop page allocated to your product in our site.
  5. For more information please contact our sales support team at


For Customers

  1. Exclusive brand shop opportunity is provided for your favorite brands.
  2. Each brand page gives the exclusive information about the individual brand on their products.
  3. In Brand shop you can find your favorite brand products category wise, new products which you don’t see in the market, announcements, etc.
  4. Want to know more? Sneak through our brand shop page.